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Best Tours in Tulum on Rainy Days!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The rain season is back in the Mexican Caribbeans... You might wonder what to do instead of staying all day at the beach?

Here is a selection of our tours to do during the rainy season in Tulum :

Visit Chichen Itza, Valladolid and a Cenote :

It can get very hot in Chichen Itza, so it is actually pretty nice to visit this wonderful archeological site when it’s cloudy or raining. Pack your umbrella and be ready to learn a lot with our certified guides during our “World Wonder Discovery” Tour!

For lunch, you will eat delicious Mexican food in a colonial restaurant in Valladolid, and you will end the day in a semi open Cenote run by a Mayan Family. It is beautiful to see the rain fall down the hole of the Cenote.

Discover Coba, Punta Laguna and a Cenote :

A little rain won’t stop you from visiting Coba and its beautiful surroundings…

During our “Mayan Inland Expedition” tour you can have a wonderful adventure day even if it’s raining.

The trees in Coba archaeological site and Punta Laguna Nature Reserve will protect you from the rain, and the fun activities will make you forget you are wet. The delicious lunch made by a Mayan Family will give you energy to jump in the Cenote at the end of the tour.

Swim in 3 Cenotes :

Our “Cenote Adventure” Tour is the best tour to do when it's raining in Tulum. Get picked up at your hotel and go with a minivan from 1 cenote to the other. The first Cenote we go to is semi open and you will snorkel with turtles and cat fish. This will make you forget it’s raining. After the first cenote, we go to 2 closed cenotes. This means you won’t even know it’s raining. You will be underground and you will be able to discover the mayan underworld. You will walk with flashlights and see the amazing stalactites and stalagmites and learn about Mayan Cosmovision.

So, if it rains in Tulum, don’t worry, you can find some fun tours to do !

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