Mexico Kan tours is a travel & activity expert in the Yucatan peninsula & Mexico. 

Based in Tulum, Quintana Roo, we have traveled & explored Mexico for 15 years, developing our shared passions for the culture, history & nature of this land, combined with our love of exploration & fun in the outdoors. We design & provide high quality experiences for travelers of all tastes, adapting to our client’s particular interests as well as providing a selection of hand crafted activities for the visitor to pick & choose from. We strive to maintain a level of excellence in all aspects of our work, and to deliver uniquely engaging & eye-opening experiences to our guests.

Founded in 2007, Mexico Kan tours has been at the forefront of responsible tourism in the region. Our core values of respect, conservation & education have led us to create lasting bonds with the many people & groups who share an interest in protecting the local environment and in the promotion of culture & conservation, we are proud to work alongside the many families, communities, small businesses, associations and an awesome group of guides; all of whom uphold the same values and make a positive impact in their everyday life through their example and hard work.

Our vision is for the visitor to experience a little of the magic of Mexico, be it in secret cenotes, exclusive haciendas or in the middle of the jungle on the summit of a pyramid... If your interest is gastronomy, ancient history, biking, art or birdwatching, we have something to suit your tastes, or we will create it for you. 

Meet The Creators


Johan De Clercq

I founded the Mexico Kan Tours agency in September 2007 with the aim of developing an ecotourism project which preserves the wonderful nature and culture of this region.

Frank Wall

Always on the lookout for 

'the road less traveled', moving away from the masses and focused

on the design of the most interesting & authentic 

experiences for our guests....

Miguel Amar

The Yucatan Peninsula has been a great school for me. The contact with its nature, people and history has led me to discover and understand how important it is to take nature as a model and inspiration...



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