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Baby friendly Tours in Tulum

Traveling with a baby is possible and more with Mexico Kan Tours. We offer a great range of family friendly tours in Tulum to see all the beauties such as the Biosphere of Sian Ka’an, cenotes, Coba, Muyil and Tulum ruins… A perfect combination of entertainment and cultural activities filled with fun.

You won’t need a babysitter to enjoy a day out! Instead, let your child live the unique experience that the Yucatan has to offer. These are enriching experiences for both children and adults with great life long memories to bring home and share.

Baby friendly tour tulum

Our Sian Ka’an Muyil, Tulum Jungle Adventure and Mayan Inland Expedition Tours are available for all types of ages. A patient and attentive guide will take care of the group and make sure that everyone enjoys it, being careful to stop in the shade, keeping everyone hydrated & refreshed with cool, purified water and managing the tour at the right pace.

In our full day trip “Mayan Inland Expedition”, you will experience a fun and cultural Mayan immersion. First you will visit the Coba archeological site; surrounded by lush vegetation and thick jungle, Coba has abundant shade and is very a comfortable space to walk around and learn about the fascinating history of the Mayan civilization.

visit coba ruins with baby

The tropical forest also provides a wealth of interest for young minds, full of color and details, crazy looking plants and interesting insects. One of the oldest and most powerful cities in the region, your guide will explain to you how the city was set up and came to flourish, using a bike or a tricycle to travel among the ruins and old trade roads that abound within the site.

If your child is not old enough to ride a bike (there are plentiful kids sizes) you can avail of the typical local tricycle taxi. We continue the adventure in the late morning & afternoon with canoeing on a pristine lake, zip-lining, and taking a short hike in the forest to spot spider monkeys in their natural habitat.

activities with babies near tulum

The nature reserve of Punta Laguna is cared for by a local Maya community who guide us through their home. And of course, swimming in a cenote, a treat for the whole family… All our activities are designed to be accessible to all ages and comfortable to manage even with a baby, as well as thinking about your safety first & foremost.

N.B. please bring a baby carrier/backpack as the terrain is not suitable for a stroller.

After an adventure and fun packed day you will be given the opportunity to get your hands in the masa and learn how to make fresh tortillas & salsa. Which you will be enjoying alongside the excellent traditional Mexican lunch which will be made right in front of you.

This is a farm to table meal where the ingredients are grown in the fields and gardens around where you eat, making it not only delicious but adding meaning to the preparation and enjoyment of this typical meal.

It is a very educational, inspiring and active family tour from Tulum.

If you are looking for a mix of adventure, culture, archaeology and enjoyable activities in nature, jump into the Tulum Jungle Adventure Tour.

activities with kids near tulum

Ideal to keep your family & children active for a half day, taking in some Mayan history at the enigmatic site of Tulum and exploring cenotes and ziplines at the Tankah Adventure Park.

A morning visit to the magnificent ruins of Tulum allows us to avoid the busy flow of tourists and the Caribbean heat, while allowing for some great family photos. For centuries, a Mayan fortified port built in a strategic location, atop a low cliff, played an important role in the exchange of maritime goods between other Mayan sites of the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala and Belize. From the top of these small cliffs, this ancient port city overlooks the sea, giving a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea's horizon and the different shades of turquoise colors of the water.

baby friendly zip line near Tulum

Then we bring you to the Tankah cenote park; centered around the simple Mayan village of the same name, where you get to enjoy many fun activities including swimming in three different cenotes, canoeing, ziplining over the water and enjoying a great buffet lunch made by the local Mayan community. You can also jump into the water from a height, snorkel among colorful fish, freshwater turtles and water lilies. The short walks between the different cenotes also allow for observation of nature and learning about the tropical flora & fauna. Everything is accessible for an active family, whether you are traveling with a baby, young children, as well as fun for teenagers.

Alternatively, the Sian Ka’an Muyil Tour is a family-friendly option and again accessible if you are bringing the baby along. Taking place inside the Nature Reserve of Sian Ka’an, at only 20 minutes drive from Tulum, the travel times are short if you are staying in town. As opposed to other, more remote areas of the Reserve, Muyil is located just off the main highway, yet because of restricted access to the lagoons it feels like an unspoiled paradise.

Sian Kaan with kids

Sian Kaan is one of the few remaining tranquil places in the Riviera Maya that allows for an instant connection with nature; the freshwater float in a natural ‘lazy river’ is a totally unique and blissful experience that is not to be missed. If you are traveling with kids, they are guaranteed to have fun splashing around while you can relax and enjoy the float in a safe and secure environment, all the while surrounded by mangroves, orchids, birdsong and the beauty of nature.

You will walk among ancient temples half hidden in the jungle, your guide picking out native medicinal plants and explaining the interaction between the Maya and the local environment.

The Muyil ruins are a perfect place to get an introduction to Mayan history and ecology, with no large masses of tourists and an extremely calm walk between buildings dispersed in the forest. The walk is easy and the site is small enough to get around without getting bored or too exposed to the sun, as you are in shade nearly the whole time. If you are lucky, you might even hear the cry of the howler monkeys and maybe you will see them in the heights swinging between the trees of the forest searching for tasty leaves and fruits.

Muyil is located right on the edge of the inland seas & lagoons of the Sian Ka’an wetlands, which you will navigate aboard a small boat run by local ecotourism co-ops created to generate an economy through ecotourism for the local Mayan community. This is the perfect way to observe the charming environment while supporting responsible tourism initiatives.

Muyil with kids

We hope to have the pleasure of hosting your family adventure in Tulum, the Riviera Maya and share with you the wonders of the Yucatan.

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