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Our Restaurant recommendations in Tulum

Definitely one of the best ways to integrate and learn more about Mexican culture is through its food. Tulum offers a great gastronomic variety, where traditional Mayan cuisine, the pre-Hispanic past, modern innovation and international cuisine converge.

Mexican gastronomy :

Mexican cuisine Tulum

Gastronomy is a fundamental factor of cultural identity, social cohesion, and a factor of community development. Mexico provides the world with a large number of products with Qualified Designation of Origin: tequila, mezcal, Ataulfo ​​Chiapas mango, Veracruz coffee, charanda and coffee from Chiapas. Understanding Mexican cuisine as a living cultural manifestation, representative of humanity due to its antiquity, historical continuity, the originality of its products, techniques and procedures. Mexican culinary art is very elaborate and loaded with symbols.

Likewise, Mexican food is related to other aspects of daily life, for example, religiosity, traditions, rituals, agricultural cycles, social organization and parties, these practices make up the identity and cultural diversity of our country.

Yucatan gastronomy :

The pre-Hispanic Mayan culture, located in an environment of tropical forests, savannahs, and mangroves in the southeastern region of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, has always maintained close contact with flora and fauna. This knowledge of the natural context is reflected in the great gastronomic variety of the region today.

Mayan food and cuisine ranges from feasting to the competitive trade in cacao beans among elites. And it is that food is not only the diet but the behaviors and cultural beliefs that surround consumption: rituals, medicinal preparations, and memory around food. In fact, food was fundamental to the development of the ancient Mayan culture.

Mexican tacos Tulum

The Maya formed an important part of the pre-Columbian history of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. From tamales to coffee, from salsas to horchatas, today you can find many of these Mayan recipes in almost the entire country.

Currently Tulum converges traditional Mayan cuisine, international cuisine and Mexican cuisine in general. Being a place where different cultures coincide, the offer is very rich and varied. Definitely one more reason to visit and get to know the culture through its dishes and drinks.

* Please note that the following lists are based on our team’s recommendations and subjective liking

Eat in Tulum like the locals :

In the mood for food !

One of the best ways to get to know the local culture is through its food. In it we can learn about its history, its traditions and customs, here you can see some places where you will find a true local experience:

Eat local :

Burritos Tulum

Looking for some vegetarian and vegan options in Tulum :

Mexico has a great wealth of food, and with an array of flora it makes this beautiful country a paradise for those looking for vegetarian and vegan options, here are our recommendations for vegetarian and vegan hotspots in Tulum:

Tacos el pastor Tulum

International cuisine :

In Tulum you will find a great variety of international and fusion food, here we recommend some places:

Chinese cuisine

Situated just a little outside of Tulum’s Center you’ll be able to enjoy the exotic flavors of the Chinese cuisine at a humble and quaint open-air hideaway at:

Biangbiang Noodles Tulum

Argentinian cuisine :

Of course, when speaking of the array of international and fusion foods, we definitely couldn’t leave out this delicious and cozy hotspot. By just looking at their mouthwatering Instagram posts they endeavor to give you a mere whiff of the heavenly Argentinian cuisine that your taste buds are about to experience at:

Argentinian empanadas Tulum

Japanese cuisine :

What is international cuisine without authentic Japanese delicacies? These vibrant venues radiate scrumptiousness with their succulent sushi rolls and miscellany of gourmet delights. So when in Tulum make sure to visit:

Tonkotsu ramen Tulum

Italian cuisine :

Aah, la bella Italia. Who doesn’t enjoy the sweet ambrosia that the lovely Italian cuisine has to offer. If you can’t stop dreaming about pasta, and pizza is always on your mind. STOP, and do not look any further, your search is over. We have THE recommendations for the best pizza & pasta joints in town! It’s even possible to enjoy a movie at La Hydra by Gigi after chomping down on an exquisite slice of delectable pizza from their stone oven!

Stone oven Pizza Tulum

Looking for more of a refined side of the Italian cuisine? Tulum has everything for anyone. You will definitely be able to pamper your taste buds to the saporous and full of flavor dishes at:

Pasta Tulum

Middle Eastern cuisine :

Just like Italian lasagna, a good Cypriot lasagna is loaded with divine flavors accompanied with some traditional meze to munch on makes it the perfect meal. Is your mouth already watering? Adding to this already compelling list of impeccable restaurants, is the dream of Middle Eastern cuisine, make sure to visit:

Thai cuisine :

Sawadee! We feel like it would only be unjustified to miss out on the flavorsome dishes that the Thai cuisine has to offer. You can’t go wrong with a savory Pad Thai and sweet mango sticky rice at:

Mediterranean cuisine :

Live music Tulum

When thinking of Mediterranean cuisine, we would like to ask you what comes to mind? Maybe a fulfilling Greek salad, a decadent, to the brim filled with succulent gyros meat pita bun, don’t forget the tzatziki! Or some hearty mixed seafood grill with a fresh burrata Caprese salad? It all sounds absolutely tempting and easy to find at:

American cuisine :

“Go big or go home” as our red, white and blue star-studded neighbor in the north always does. Every carnivore, pescatarian and well.. everyone will be able to live by these words and enjoy the American cuisine in these pristine steakhouses:

Bone marrow Tulum

Looking for seafood :

With Tulum being a coastal destination locals and tourists are regularly able to enjoy the freshly caught fish at these vibrant seafood hotspots. Make sure to try the bright and pure flavors before leaving Tulum and stop by:

Tostadas Tulum

Looking for burgers :

Definitely worth an independent mention because of their well-seasoned patty’s and scrumptious sides, THE best burgers in town at:

Hamburgers Tulum

While the miscellany of restaurants in Tulum would give anybody a run for their money and there’s enough to choose from, the list wouldn’t be complete without some special places which enrich Tulum’s identity furthermore. Thus, hereby some mention worthy gastronomical getaways:

Looking for breakfast :

Pastries Tulum

Looking for a good coffee and brunch :

Restaurant guests Tulum

Looking for Drinks :

Bartending Tulum

Looking for ice cream :

Refreshing popsicles Tulum

Food Trucks:

Food trucks Tulum

Another reason to visit and immerse yourself in the daily life of Tulum is undoubtedly its wide variety of food!


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