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Temazcal, an ancient wellness tradition to heal the body and the mind.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

The most outstanding exclusive wellness experience of purification of the body and mind - Unique connection with yourself and the ancestors.

What is a Temazcal ?

Temazcal is an ancestral shamanic ritual practiced by ancient civilizations throughout Central & North America, including the Maya, Aztecs & Toltecs. The purpose is therapeutic healing to relieve stress, aches and injuries, cure skin or respiratory disease and also during childbirth. It is often compared to other sweat lodge activities such as the Hammam, the sauna and hot water baths. It is guided by a 'shaman' who accompanies you throughout the experience, called Temazcalero. In the indigenous Náhuatl language, Temazcalli means "house of steam".

In fact, the Temazcal is a traditional Mexican ceremony of well-being and purification of the soul, spirit and body.

It takes place inside a dome shaped space where hot volcanic stones are placed in the center then infused with water and herbs, generating steam that relaxes the muscles and opens the pores of the skin for an intensive body cleanse, releasing tension and toxins. The dome can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

A spiritual tradition

In addition to the physical benefits, the mind also relaxes, free from the thought patterns that usually occupy it, allowing for a kind of mental purification too. The role of the Temazcalero is not only to ensure the well-being of the participants and administer the herbal water, he or she also accompanies the ritual with chants, sacred prayers and music that represent the different stages of life, paying homage to nature, the elements, our ancestors and everything that makes life possible. This helps to remind ourselves of the necessity to free our minds from any burden to find our balance and freedom.

In this context, Temazcal is also a form of spiritual healing, a process of personal introspection that will help you to deal with anxiety, fear, worry and stress. It is a unique moment to take time out to focus on your environment, your roots and to reconnect with yourself. This is, in part, the purpose of Temazcal, to live again, to be reborn! Symbolized by its circular shape which represents the "Womb of Mother Earth", the maternal womb representing the source of life & return to the origins. The concept of rebirth is linked to that of connection with the "Madre Tierra'', who will absorb all the negative energies from the body and mind in our thoughts, breath and sweat. These emotions, thoughts and particles are then positively renewed and harnessed by the Earth to grow and nurture new forms of life.

During the Temazcal ceremony

Before entering the door of the Temazcal, the Temazcalero blesses and cleanses the body with an incense smoke from copal resin and each participant asks permission to enter and take her place around the "Madre Tierra". The Temazcal is then plunged into total darkness.


The total darkness allows us to increase our sensitivity via our breathing and to cut all links with the outside world and to focus essentially on our self, our feelings, our emotions without being influenced by anyone.

The ceremony lasts about 2 hours and takes place in several stages. Indeed, the participants pass through 4 symbolic doors of life represented by the 4 elements with different meanings. As they go along, the temperature gets hotter gradually with the arrival of new hot stones for a final extreme sweat. Prayers are pronounced by the Temazcalero accompanied by the sound of drums and incantations. Each participant is invited to participate in the chants to feel all the vibrations, to awaken their body and their organs. They are also invited to formulate an intention, a wish if they feel the need. This mindfulness ceremony allows some to reach deep meditation and serenity.

If you are interested in wellness, traditional Mexican medicine and pre-Hispanic worldview, spiritual development or simply curious about ancestral traditions, join us for a unique and enriching Temazcal experience that connects the mind and body to come out relaxed and purified.

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