Temazcal Mayan Ceremony & Cenote

Duration: 4 hours
Hours: 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Minimum: 8 persons

Its a rustic sauna bath used actually by most of the cultures in Mexico like the Mayans that thanks to its therapeutic qualities its an important complement in every sacred ritual and ceremony.

Its part of a very old tradition to clean mind and body, that has been transmitted through cultures from north America and is still performed to these days. 

Cenote. The freshness of this water is amazing because the water is in constant movement with limestone acting as a giant filter. The water temperature although colder than that of the Caribbean Sea is very comfortable and refreshing. 

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Temazcal Mayan Ceremony & Cenote

Maya Ceremony - the Temazcal ritual, a rustic sauna bath followed by a jump in a refreshing Cenote.

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