Stand Up Paddle Surf

Stand up paddle can be practice for its very relaxing, gentle cruising or for its awesome fun and a great workout just like most of the surfing sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing...


Why standing up ?

Standing up means you see a lot more. Paddling and looking give you access to the underwater fishes, coral, bottom as well as unique view all around. A half hour paddle uses lots of muscles you may have forgotten, across your shoulders, whole back and core as well as your legs and gives a low impact all over workout. Glide around on flat water condition, let the kayak on the beach and enjoy a great stand paddle surf ride or SUP.


Why SUP Surf ?

The old school long boards allow you to catch any wave from 6 inches high to 15 foot high on the same board. Add a paddle and you will get into the waves a lot earlier than a usual surfboard. If you’ve never surfed before, you'll find the easiest way on a SUP Board.

You start standing up, all you need is a gentle paddle to jump into the wave and you're up and riding. Once you're surfing, the paddle can be use to lean against the waves like a stabilizer to make it more controllable. SUP surfing is easy and a lot more accessible.


Our SUP lessons program

  • Safety and theory on the beach
  • Prone and knees paddle
  • Stand up and paddle technique
  • Basic Turn
  • Waves timing & paddle Surf
  • Wave riding advance

We include equipment, guide | instructor


Our SUP Trip

For experimented surfers or Paddle surfers, we organize specific trip to wave ride to the best spots of the area. Riding nice waves in the caribbean requires a really good knowledge of the reef and hidden spots that will satisfy the most advance surfers. Also for people that like to cruise on a sunset into a beautiful lagoon and bird watching, we have an amazing tour to offer you.

We include equipment - guide | instructor - transportation - snack | drinks


Stand Up Paddle Surf Rates

DescriptionPrivate RateGroup Rate 
SUP lessons private1 hour40.00 US$ Make a reservation
SUP lessons private2 hours70.00 US$ Make a reservation
SUP lessons private4 hours120.00 US$ Make a reservation
Equipment rental1 hour25.00 US$ Make a reservation
Equipment rental2 hours45.00 US$ Make a reservation
Equipment rental4 hours80.00 US$ Make a reservation
SUP Trip140.00 US$ Make a reservation

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