Yucatan - Chiapas

July 19th to August 2nd, 2016

August 11th to 25th, 2016


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Mayan Land Journey is a 15-day/14-night unique adventure in Mexico, specially developed by Mexico Kan Tours to give our clients an exclusive experience of Colonial and Mayan culture and a chance to explore natural reserves of Yucatan and Chiapas.

Most sites visited on this tour are registered with UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Our visitors will take an inside look at Mexico's high biodiversity, experience the country's cultural variety, as well as taste local cuisine specialties of Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas and Caribbean coast.

Tulum Ocean

Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to relax on postcard-perfect white-sand beaches, participate in native ritual practices, discover antique Mayan cities lost in the jungle, swim in the famous Mexican natural wells called cenotes, enjoy paradise-worthy lagoons and impressive waterfalls, and so much more!

Take the time to disconnect and open yourself to originality and passion of Mexican culture! Put your trust in us and let Mexico Kan Tours take care of your vacation's every detail.



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2. Private Guided Tour



Cancun - Valladolid

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Valladolid CityOnce you land in Cancun, we will go directly to one of the most ancient colonial cities of Mexico - Valladolid. Upon arrival, you will refresh yourself in a cenote - natural well with access to underground fresh water. In Valladolid you will enjoy a guided walk of the city and a dinner in a traditional colonial house, where you will soak in the relaxing atmosphere of this colonial city.Cenote Yucatan

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Valladolid historic center (mid-budget)


Valladolid - Rio Lagartos - Ek Balam - Valladolid

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From Valladolid, we will head to Rio Lagartos, where we will cruise on a small fisherman boat (specially reserved for local tourism transportation) and enjoy local wildlife. Depending on the season, various migratory birds can be observed in this area - pink flamingo (year-round), pink spoonbill, white pelican... A "floating experience" in pink waters of natural salt bath will end our boat trip. Then we will have lunch consisting of delicious Yucatec seafood specialties. After lunch we'll be back on the road to the little-known Mayan ruins of Ek-Balam whose excavations began in 1994. This impressive Mayan site is especially important because of its impressive temples and magnificent stucco sculptures.Ek Balam

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Valladolid historic center (mid-budget)*


Valladolid - Chichén Itzá - Izamal - Merida

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In the morning we will head towards the recently selected New Wonder of the World, pre-Columbian city of Chichén Itzá. This site is a rare example of the post-classical apogee of Mayan Civilization. Chichén Itzá is a city unique for its successful mix of ancient Mayan culture combined with ancient Mexico’s cultures of the North. Chichen Iza piramid

After learning about the complex architecture of Chichén Itzá, we will explore another magnificent site - Izamal, locally known as "the yellow city" because of the yellow ochre color of numerous city buildings. Perfect example of this is the Convent Saint Antoine de Padoue - a bright-yellow building with 75 arches! During late afternoon, we will drive to Merida, another colonial city and capital of the Yucatan state, as well as Yucatan Peninsula's main commercial center.Izamal

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Merida (mid-budget)*



Merida - Hacienda Sotuta - Uxmal - Campeche

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Visit UxmalOn the road to Uxmal, you will visit at first, one of the most productive haciendas of Yucatan; Hacienda Sotuta de Peon that covered more than 22000 acres in the 18th century. A German couple restores this astounding hacienda and offers you the possibility to know more about the “Sisal Golden Age” of the Yucatan. Then you will visit Uxmal a beauty of the Puuc Mayan architectural type of ancient city before reaching Campeche.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Campeche historic center (mid-budget)



Campeche - Forteresse San Miguel - Palenque

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Campeche Historic Center

This transition day, should begin with a discovering of the Campeche historic center part of the Unesco World Heritage. You will go to the top of the hills surrounding the city and contemplate the magnificent view of the bay from the fortress of San Miguel in which the famous jade masks of Jaina or Calakmul are exposed. Then, you will cruise the coastal road towards Sabancuy where we can enjoy a delicious lunch in a traditional sea front restaurant before steering towards Chiapas and Palenque located at the border of the tropical jungle.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Palenque (mid-budget)*



Palenque - San Cristobal de las Casas

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Palenque Archaeological Site

Visit of the Mayan city of Palenque and its palaces, well-known for bas-reliefs in stucco which cover its buildings and also for his king Pakal. A visit of the museum of Palenque, with the replica of king Pakal grave and the pectoral of "the red queen", is really worth it. Then you will set off for San Cristobal to enjoy some free time in the late afternoon in this colorful colonial city.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in San Cristobal de las Casas (mid-budget)*



San Cristobal de las Casas

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San Cristobal de las Casas Center Town

A morning will be dedicated to explore the famous local markets of San Cristobal. Those markets put together numerous craftsmen of nearby villages as that of San Juan Chamula which we are going to visit in the afternoon. This village includes mainly a population of the Tzotzil ethnic which benefits from a whole autonomy on behalf of the central government of Mexico. The visit of the central Church, in which the villagers practice unique rituals which find their sources in a mixture of Catholicism and traditional regional believe, will stay an unforgettable memory.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in San Cristobal de las Casas (mid-budget)* 



San Cristobal de las Casas - Agua Azul - Misol Ha - Palenque 

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Cascadas de Agua Azul

The visit of the little research center Na Bolom is a unique experience. The ancient house of the couple of the archaeologist Frans Blom and the anthropologist Gertrude Duby-Blom is, today, transformed into a small museum and into institute of research dedicated to the protection of the jungle fauna and flora and the Lacandons indigenous. Following this visit, we will drive down until reaching impressive and refreshing falls and aquatic ponds of Agua Azul before going back to our hotel in Palenque.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Palenque (mid-budget) 



Palenque - Calakmul

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Calakmul Biosphere

Departure for the recently opened, the massif warrior city of Calakmul, one of the biggest Mayan capitals of the Classic period (250AC-900AC). The dreaded rival of the famous Tikal is situated in the heart of the jungle of Peten in one of the biggest natural reserves of the country. The spiders monkeys, toucans, jaguars reign over this immense territory situated in some tens kilometers of the Guatemala border. 

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve 


DAY 10

Calakmul - Kohunlich - Bacalar

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Bacalar Lagoon

A visit of the Mayan site Kohunlich is planning in the morning; there you can observe impressive masks of stucco of the "sun king". A pleasant bathing and a delicious lunch to the paradisiacal Laguna Bacalar will be our last step before our Caribbean journey. The second biggest fresh water supply of Mexico is also called the lagoon of 7 blue tones. An optional Kayak trip or Catamaran will be proposed to you in the afternoon.

  •  Accommodation: boutique hotel in Bacalar (mid-budget)


DAY 11

Bacalar - Tulum

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Tulum Ocean
Before leaving Bacalar, we will take our time to have a brief visit of the Spanish fortification which dominates the Lagoon. A resting afternoon on a white sand beach waits for us to Tulum. Our guide will propose you an all set of optional activities for the next days.
  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Tulum (mid-budget)*


DAY 12


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Morning visit of the coastal Mayan ruins of Tulum and free time the rest of the day.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Tulum (mid-budget)

DAY 13

Tulum - Punta Laguna - Cenotes - Tulum

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Punta Laguna

 The reserve of Punta Laguna is managed by a Mayan community which in a very professional way organized small educational tours through the jungle to observe monkeys, birds and the other local fauna. Various activities are offered; following a small eco-path, a tour in Kayak in the lagoon, a vertiginous zip-line over the lagoon and a rappel in a crystalline water of a Cenote (natural wells giving access to the underground freshwater).

From the reserve, we should bring you to another magical experience; we will explore one of the most important subterranean aquatic caves systems, with your mask and tuba.

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Tulum (mid-budget)


DAY 14


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Tulum Center Town shopping


Free Day

  • Accommodation: boutique hotel in Tulum (mid-budget)*

DAY 15

Tulum - Cancun airport

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Transfer to Cancun airportFree time before your depart to Cancun airport.


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