Traditional Day of Death

Day of the Death Janitzio

 October 26th to November 3th, 2016


Mexico City – Queretaro – San Miguel de Allende – Michoacan 

Mexico City is fascinating capital that beguiles its visitors with endless options. One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Many of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are concentrated in the historic center.

The Zocalo is the ideal spot to begin your sightseeing in Mexico City. Once the main center of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, this is the beating heart of Mexico's capital.

Mexico City Cathedrale

Day 1

Teotihuacan and best spots of Mexico City

Meet at Mexico City

Transfer to Teotihuacan

Visit of Teotihuacan City


Transfer to Mexico city center and visit Zocalo & Cathedral

Transfer to National Museum of Anthropology

  • Accommodation Hotel Boutique or comparable

Antropology Museum

Teotihuacan archaeological site is the most remarkable in Mexico. The Aztecs believed that the gods created the universe in this ancient city that once flourished as the epicenter of culture and commerceduring Mesoamerica's Classic period. Located about 50 km (30 miles) north of Mexico City makes an ideal day trip for history and anthropology buffs. The site was inhabited from around 200 B.C. until its collapse almost one thousand years later.

Teotihuacan City

Day 2

Xochimilco and Coyoacan

Meet at Mexico City

Transfer to Xochimilco

Lunch in a real Mexican traditional way

Visit Coyoacan

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To the south of Mexico City, in the heart of the Xochimilco neighborhood, sits one of the most traditional markets of Mexico City. To tour it from start to finish is an activity the locals carry out every day, but an unusual experience for visitors. In Xochimilco you can hire a colorful trajinera (wooden boat) to tour the canals and gardens.Coyoacan’s tree-lined cobblestone streets, colonial-era estates hidden behind high walls and several interesting churches, museums and artisans’ markets make it one of the most pleasant places to visit in the capital.

Day 3

Queretaro - Peña de Bernal

Meet at Mexico City


Visit magic town of Bernal

Transfer and visit Queretaro

Magic night and dinner

  • Accommodation Hotel Villa del Villar or similar 

Queretaro City

Queretaro – World Heritage City

Queretaro holds several treasures, and a friendly sense of civic pride prevails. The historic city center is filled with lovely colonial mansions, immaculate pedestrian aqueducts and quaint plazas little changed since colonial days.

Day 4

Queretaro - San Miguel de Allende

Breakfast in hotel

Mini tour around main points of interest in Queretaro

Transfer to San Miguel de Allende

Discover San Miguel's colonial architecture, shops, gardens and other treasures as you explore the city on foot. San Miguel de Allende invites long leisurely walks. Discover its many secrets while wandering the narrow cobblestone streets. Don't forget to pack comfortable walking shoes because the cobblestone, though picturesque, requires sturdy footwear. Begin your stroll at the Jardin Principal.

  • Accommodation Hotel Casa Quetzal or similar

San Miguel de Allende CathedralSan Miguel de Allendeis famous for its intense cultural and artistic life, as well as for its striking architecture which has inherited a great deal of the pre-Hispanic culture, without putting aside its roots. Its cuisine is rich in flavor and prepared based on a fusion of modern and traditional recipes of Mexican cuisine. 

Day 5

San Miguel de Allende - Morelia

Streets of San Miguel de Allende


Breakfast in hotel

Free morning activities and lunch

Transfer to Morelia


  • Accomodation: Hotel Villa San Jose or similar

Michoacan tradition

Michoacan is one of the most extensive, interesting and beautiful states which you must take the opportunity to visit. Cradle of amazing ancient civilizations, such as the Purepecha Empire, which have greatly enriched Mexico, The Purepecha people, which are still present in this land, jealously guard their ancient traditions, such as their fun regional dances, their incredible crafts which are made all over the state, and, of course, their delicious cuisine such as the carnitas, the corundas, and milk sweets.

Morelia City


Indeed, this is how the celebration of the dead on the Island of Janitzio has become a world renowned event, unmissable if you are visiting Michoacan

Day 6

Morelia Michoacan

Breakfast in hotel

Tour inside Morelia City and lunch

Free afternoon

  • Accomodation: Hotel Villa San Jose or similar

Tarascans in Morelia

Morelia, the magnificent capital of the state of Michoacán was settled by the Spanish after their conquest of the native Tarascans in 1541, Morelia has managed to retain the character of a distinguished colonial town. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Morelia's historic city center and fine colonial buildings are well worth exploring.

Day 7 / 8 - November 1 & 2

Janitzio & Patzcuaro - Experience the unique Day of the Death

Breakfast in hotel

Moving to different place touching the day of the death

Visit cementary during the night

Dinner included

  • Accomodation: Hotel Villa San Jose or similar

Day of the day celebration

In Michoacan, the night of the dead is an ancient celebration that among the Purépecha communities known as animeecheri k'uinchekua "fiesta de las Animas". It is a festival in which the great mysticism reminds loved ones who have died. Cemeteries and houses are covered with marigolds, candles, fruit, bread and incense. A purépechas motivate deep convictions that have to do with the particular way of conceiving life itself in all its dimensions. This meeting is one day a year to live with his family, his people, at home, it is the focal point of the ceremony. 

November 1 and 2 takes place this ceremonial throughout Michoacan, but significantly in Patzcuaro region.

 Day 9 - November 3

Morelia and Toluca

Breakfast and Transfer to Toluca

Visit Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

Short walking and lunch

Transfer to Mexico City

Cosmovitral Jardín Botánico Toluca

1 and November 2 takes place this ceremonial throughout Michoacan, but significantly in the municipalities and communities of the Patzcuaro region.

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