6 Days Yucatan

An adventure of  6 days in Maya lands, Mexico. Specially developed by Mexico Kan Tours to offer a unique experience, covering Mayan history and culture as well as the opportunity to explore the nature reserves of the Mexican Caribbean. Few Mexican destinations can dazzle with ancient Mayan ruins, blue Caribbean waters and colonial cities, all in one trip. Most of the sites visited on this tour are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our visitors will have a look into high biodiversity of Mexico, experience the cultural variety of the country and taste local cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula and the coast of the Caribbean.


In addition, there will be a few opportunities to enjoy the beautiful beaches of white sand, sharing with local communities and participate in Mayan ceremonies, discover ancient Mayan cities, swim in the famous natural pools called Cenotes, enjoy the jungle and coastal ecosystems.


Trust in our experience and let us plan your vacation. An experience in which you can disconnect and enjoy the food, culture and nature of the area.


Transfer Riviera Maya (hotel or Cancun airport) - Valladolid

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Pick up at Cancun international airport or your hotel (Riviera Maya) and transfer to your hotel in Valladolid.


Enjoy the first hours of your stay in a very relaxing atmosphere of a beautiful Colonial City and it Historic center. Colonial City Valladolid, where two important passages of Mexico’s history took place: “the War of the Castes” in 1847 and the “First Spark of the Mexican Revolution” in 1910: today, it is known as the “Heroic City” and the “Capital of Eastern Maya”. Valladolid combines features of its pre-Hispanic past, of the colonial period and of today’s lifestyle. It has great natural, historical, sociocultural, gastronomic wealth; but most importantly, it includes the presence of live traditions and customs.

  • Accommodation:

Eco - Hotel Candelaria o equivalente

Mid - Hotel Mesón del Márques (Regular o Superior) o equivalente

High - Hotel Mesón del Márques (Superior o Suite ), Hotel Zentik, Casa Quetzal o equivalente

Exclusive - Hotel Mesón del Márques (Suite ), Hotel Coqui Coqui o equivalente

 DAY 2

Valladolid - Ek Balam - Rio Lagartos - Valladolid

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Transfer to Ek Balam, the pearl of the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can admire the work of the monumental Jaguar mask made of stucco for the tomb of the “Ahau” of the city. The sculpted works of the Maya ruins at Ek Balam are unusual and extremely well preserved. Some figures are winged, some in the meditative ¨lotus¨ position, one sits headless above the center of the monster mouth.

Ek Balam

All are beautiful and exquisitely crafted. The main temple here is impressive, both in size and architecture. The intricate detail of the artistry and symbolism incorporated into the frescoes and sculptures decorating this temple are an artistic marvel.

Rio Lagartos

After the ruins we drive down to Rio Lagartos where you can eat in one of the virgin beach of the Mexican Gulf. They will also manage the boat tour in the reserve for you to birdwatch and enjoy the flamingos and float in the “Salinas”.

Río Lagartos (Alligator River) is a fishing village that also boasts the densest concentration of flamingos in Mexico.  Lying within the Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Lagartos, this mangrove-lined estuary shelters bird species, including snowy egrets, red egrets, tiger herons and snowy white ibis, as well as the crocodiles that gave the town its name. It’s a beautiful area.

We will be back to Valladolid in the afternoon.

  • Accommodation:

Eco - Hotel Candelaria or similar

Mid - Hotel Mesón del Marques (Regular o Superior) or similar

High - Hotel Mesón del Marques (Superior o Suite ), Hotel Zentik, Casa Quetzal or similar

Exclusive - Hotel Mesón del Marques (Suite ), Hotel Coqui Coqui or similar


Valladolid - Izamal - Cuzamá cenotes route - Mérida

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A day to discover Izamal, "the yellow city”, named like this because of the yellow color of numerous buildings and churches, such as the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, with 75 arches.


Cuzama cenotes route

Visit beautiful cenotes on board of a truck, that is like a small train pulled by a horse on rails; truck was used to transport the plant of henequen to the machine house and proccess it. To take the tour through the jungle with the truck is a rustic, traditional and fun adventure in Yucatan, apart from the incomparable beauty of the cenotes. Cuzama cenotes

We will move to Merida during the afternoon.

 Mayan Women

Merida is the largest city and capital of the state of Yucatan; it also is the cultural and financial capital of the region. It is a modern and cosmopolitan city, with museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops and boutiques. It is also one of the most important places where to experience the Mayan heritage. Downtown Merida has become an important meeting point for tourists and the Yucatecan people. There, in a kind of city-museum, visitors can get to know interesting examples of civic and religious architecture. Be sure not to miss its delicious cuisine.

  • Accommodation:

Eco - Hotel Santa Lucía or similar

Mid - Hotel Medio Mundo or similar

High - Hotel Hacienda Mérida or similar

Exclusive - Hotel Hacienda Mérida VIP / Hotel Coqui Coqui or similar


Visit The Great Museum of the Maya World Merida - Hacienda de Sotuta de Peón – Uxmal light and sound show

  •  Program Gran Museo maya

 A world-class museum celebrating Maya culture, the Great Museum houses a permanent collection of more than 1100 remarkably well-preserved artifacts. This museum is a celebration and a meeting with the stronger root of Yucatan identity, but also is an account of change and transformation, mobility and migration, the arrival of many other individuals and groups who have mixed and adapted. Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

 Later we visit one of the most productive farms in Yucatan; Hacienda Sotutade Peón, covering over 22,000 acres in the 18th century. A German couple restores this amazing hacienda and offers you the opportunity to learn more about the " Golden Age of Sisal " Yucatan. Uxmal noche

At night, spectacular Light and Sound show that takes place in the Uxmal archaeological site at night. Uxmal was the greatest metropolitan and religious center in the Puuc hills in the late classical period. The word Puuc refers to an architectural style exemplarily manifested in Uxmal and a tourist route of international renown. The Puuc style is characterized by monumental buildings, stone veneers on walls and vaults, geometric designs, columns within doorway frames, lattice ornaments and Chaac masks. The Puuc Route comprises the cities of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Oxkintok, Chacmultun and Labna.

  •  Accommodation:

Eco - Misión Uxmal or similar

Mid - Hotel Hacienda Uxmal or similar

High - Hotel Lodge Uxmal or similar

Exclusive – Hotel Lodge Uxmal , Hacienda Santa Rosa or similaru


Puuc Route

Uxmal - Kabah – Xlapak - Labná - Lol-tun - Uxmal

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After breakfast we will visit the extraordinary Puuc Route. Kabah, Xlapak, Labná and Lol-tun.


Kabah is a Mayan site on the Yucatán Peninsula connected to nearby _Uxmal by a ceremonial causeway. Its buildings date from about the 9th century and are in the Puuc style of architecture. The most notable structure at Kabah is the Palace of the Masks or Codz Poop, which has a facade covered in hundreds of stone masks of the hook-nosed rain god Chac. Teocalli Palace and the Great Pyramid. Xlapak


It is at Xlapak one of the greatest jewels of the Puuc architectural style, called The Palace, a magnificent facade where a stone mosaic panel with fretwork and other geometric elements . Labna


On this site the Puuc architecture style predominate. It is famous for having a beautiful Mayan construction carved in stone: El Arco, remarkable perfection and fine ornamentation. Loltun


These are the largest caves on the peninsula. Evidence has been found here of human contact going back 7,000 years. Mammoth, bison, feline and deer bones have been found in the caves, along with fresco paintings on the walls.

The cave has been made more accessible for visitors with lighting on its paths.

Night at Uxmal.

  •  Accommodation:

Eco - Misión Uxmal or similar

Mid - Hotel Hacienda Uxmal or similar

High - Hotel Lodge Uxmal or similar

Exclusive - Hotel Lodge Uxmal , Hacienda Santa Rosa or similar


Uxmal - Chichen Itza - Transfer a Riviera Maya (hotel - aeropuerto)

After breakfast we go directly to Chichen Itza.

Chichen pyramid

We will start the day with a unique experience by visiting the new World Wonder, Chichen Itza and learn all about the interesting astronomy knowledge of the ancient Mayan. Chichen Itza is without a doubt one of the most famous, enigmatic and important archaeological sites of the Yucatan peninsula and Mesoamerica.

Transfer to Riviera Maya (hotel or Cancun airport).

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6 Days Yucatan

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