This aquatic tour grants the opportunity of enjoying two distinctive ecosystems of the Mexican Caribbean: a beautiful inlet and a mysterious cavern which is connected to a grid of underground rivers.

Our Tour is in a very calm and crystalline natural aquarium. Floating on its bright turquoise waters, we can behold a very rich variety of fish, such a wide array of shapes and colors. The inlet connects the mangrove and the fresh water that goes out into the sea with the live coral reef a few yards away from its entrance: a rocky shore that once was a reef.

With snorkeling gear and our guide, we’re ready to traverse the inlet, swimming through multicolored fish and gliding above coral reef. A truly amazing experience!

At close quarters, a cavern welcomes us to the underwater streams that will lead us into a deep cenote (sinkhole). The cenote’s dome lets the sunlight slip in through a perfectly round natural hole. We set sail fully equipped to explore the route and, at some point, we will find a spot of total darkness and silence underground. An experience you have to live!

To round up the tour, a delicious snack with typical Mayan gastronomy is served to us in the middle of the journey.

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